Heimatverein Anholt

Genealogy and local history research

The Anholt local history society operates and maintains a quite extensive archive.

The photo shows a part of the archive which has its place in the meeting room of the Heimathaus (museum of local history). 

The archive includes:

- Photos, videos of: city of Anholt, citizens of Anholt, associations, celebrations, anniversaries, traditions

- Booklets, essays, texts by: citizens of Anholt about their city of Anholt and its history

- Chronicles of associations

- Address Books

- Collection of in memoriam cards

- Maps, topographic maps

- Newspaper articles

- Genealogical trees of different families of the city of Anholt

The many exhibits on display in the various rooms also show and preserve Anholt's history.

Visitors are very welcome during the opening hours! 


contact: mail@anholt-heimatverein.de

If you would like to take a detailed look at our archive, please make an appointment with one of the following persons: 

Research into local history / archives of the local history society

Sascha Faltin

EMail: sf-faltin@anholt-heimatverein.de

Family research / genealogy

 Karin von Plettenberg - Vallée  Tel.: 02874 - 4414,

 EMail: karinvonplettenberg@anholt-heimatverein.de