Heimatverein Anholt

Our Heimathaus

Opening hours

every Tuesday, from 17:00 to 19:00 o´clock

every 14 days Sundays
10:00 to 12:00 o'clock

In the middle of the old town centre of Anholt, in the Hohe Straße, the Heimatverein has found its home. In the decades of its existence since 1947, the desire to have its own domicile, a centre of the club life and the history of Anholt and its inhabitants, had become increasingly urgent. In 2008 he was offered the premises of the former butchery Lange with an area of 250m² for rent. After a decision of the general meeting to raise the fees to a level that would cover the rental costs, a rental contract was signed on 1.1.2009. 

The house was immediately well received. Already in the first year it proved itself as a venue for meetings of our members and for exhibitions. Above all, however, there was now the opportunity to properly accommodate gifts from our members and memorabilia from the old Anholt and present them in a historical setting. A visit to the Heimathaus is also an integral part of the primary school curriculum. Here the children are offered history to touch.

In 2012 we had the opportunity to rent the whole house including the upper floor. Also this time the green light was given by the general meeting. 

Whoever enters the Heimathaus through the entrance next to the large shop window will find himself in the former butcher's shop. 

Here hangs the model of the city of Anholt in the 16th century, which Everhard Onstein made in the 1990s. 

In the back, you will find the former slaughterhouse, which is about 40m² in size and offers space for exhibitions as well as for meetings in larger groups. With the help of a cannon furnace it gets comfortably warm in winter. 

The exit from the shop to the former living rooms on the upper floor leads through an almost stately hall with a representative staircase. The hallway once also served as a waiting room for a doctor's and later dentist's practice on the side of the house opposite the shop. Many older Anholter still have vivid memories of the painful waiting time in the hall. 

There are further rooms on the upper floor, which are used for meetings and coherent displays of memorial objects.


The rooms of the house are named after old Anholt field names. Significantly, the kitchen is called "Fettwai". In the room "Kapellewei" there is a remarkable permanent exhibition with works of the Anholt master potter Wilm Rinck (see page "Famous Anholter"). On the upper floor in the room "den Haagen" there is an original shoemaker's workshop from the 19th/20th century.

From the windows of the upper floor, the view falls into the showpiece of the Heimathaus, the Mediterranean-style courtyard. The builder of the house, the master butcher Albert Lange, was a man with a sense of art who was very interested in Italian architecture. The loggia in the inner courtyard has clear Tuscan features, and anyone who has ever sat in the courtyard on a warm summer evening with a view of the massive walls of St. Pancrasius Church rising behind the loggia will not forget his visit to Anholt. 


Today, only a few years after the Heimatverein moved in, the Heimathaus has become an integral part of the club life, and even more so, of the social life of Anholt.